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MINDING THE MEDIA    A  directory of public-interest organizations concerned with the mass media. Areas of interest include: concentration of media power; media bias; censorship; the commercialization of culture; how the media operate; the real story behind the stories, and more. Just click here and dig in. Also good for connecting to media-action groups and learning about events.
READ ALL ABOUT IT   A bibliography on the mass media and culture. Warning: Read any three books on the list and you may end up reading another 30. However, you'll know what you're talking about. A good place to start and also a good place to learn about the latest, hot off the press.
NOBODY'S MEDIA BUT OUR OWN  Alternative media on the net. Media that tell it the way it is. Plus some research- organization websites that do the same. Everything from 'Straightgoods', from the deepest Ottawa Valley, to 'Indymedia' around the world. You'll even find some "mainstream" sites like 'The Guardian' and 'Le Monde' that have independence and backbone. We're nobody's captive readership any more.

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